We offer the following Polyester mesh fabric used in a variety of industries as filter screen fabric and belting cloth. Following cases listed according to specific uses.

For Coal Mining Industry: Polyester Coal Dewatering and Washing Belt; Spiral Mesh Belt.

For Thermal Power Plant: Sludge Draining Screen; Spiral Belt.

For Grains and Flour Mills: Polyester bolting cloth, polyamide mesh cloth; Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth.

For Paper Making Mills: Forming fabrics; drying fabrics; press filter belts; sludge dewatering belt.

For Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant: Sludge dehydration mesh; spiral mesh; press filter screen belt.

For Juice Producers: Presure press filter; dewatering belt; spiral mesh filter.

For Wood Fiber Paper Board Mills: Drying mesh; Forming Fabric Screen Conveyor Belt; Pressure Press Filter Screen.

For Anti-Static Filtration System: Static proof polyester spiral mesh.

For Micron Bolting Cloth: Plain weave polyester mesh; polyester and dacron micron filter cloth; stainless steel mesh filter cloth.

For Belt Press Filters: Spiral mesh belt; press belt; polyester conveyor belt; polyester dewatering belt screen.

For Ink and Silk Printing on CD, keypad, textiles: Polyester (nylon) printing screen; plain weave tensile polyester fabric.

For Gas and Liquid Filter: Nylon filter cloth.

For Mosquito Netting: Dacron netting; nylon mesh insect netting; polyester netting cloth.

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