Our dacron filter products are ideal materials for sieving, straining or filtering most liquids, powders or sludges. The threads or monofilaments are perfectly round in section and are extruded to very precise and uniform diameters. With uniform diameter, the woven mesh fabric has great precision to give exact and regular apertures. The dacron or polyester material has great strength and elasticity and a very smooth surface to separate the filtered particles. Dacron is a kind of nylon material with durable uses and excellent tear resistance.

Precise filtration: 1um,5um,10um,20um 25um 75um 100um 150um

Dacron Monofilament Mesh Fabric Used as Press Filter Screen
juice pressing Filter Mesh, Offering High durability and best tensility, with Precise Holes and standard sizes. all filter cloth screens are produced by imported production lines from Switzerland.

Dacron and Nylon Filter Cloth Features

The mesh netting has gGood acid and alkali resistance, high tensile strength, good breathable permeability going through hot melt pressure. The mesh fabric is tough and durable, can serve a long life.

It can ensure that the characteristics of the filter cake easy stripping and easy regeneration.

According to different materials of fine degrees, we offer in 200-1000 mesh monofilament filter cloth, used in various industries to meet various filtration precision requirements.

Materials and Specifications

Material: Polyester: Nylon

Size: OEM ,Customizing is welcome

Color: White, Black, custom

Temperature: 80℃-150℃


1) Material: 100% nylon

  1. 2)Weaving: Plain weave
  2. 3)Mesh Count: 4T~140T mesh/cm(10mesh~355 mesh/inch)
  3. 4)Max. Width: 365cm (143 inch)
  4. 5)Color: White(Customized)
  5. 6)Mesh Opening:30-1500um

dacron Mesh cloth for textile Filter Uses

Dacron ( Nylon) Filter Mesh
of polyamide(PA6/PA66) Material, Mesh count: 22 mesh/ inch, Thread diameter:0.30mm+ 0.035mm, Thickness: 0.540mm+ 0.040mm, Mesh opening:0.800mm+ 0.055mm and Open area:55%+ 10%.

dacron micron filter cloth

dacron Mesh for printing Filter Cloth

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