100% polyester mesh fabric can be made for making mosquito nets, paper machine clothing, filter bags material, industrial netting and engineered fabrics. Also known as polyester linear screen cloth.

Linear Screen Clothing


This wire netting offers acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, long service life.
With smooth surface, good tensile strength and permeability.
High heat transfer efficiency, for the user to save energy.
Can be Installed easily.
Stretchable fabric.


Plain weaving polyester fabrics are mainly used for pulp and paper industry, fiber board factory, and coal mining equipment, food, medicine and other industries in the conveyor belt, building materials.

Materials and Common Specifications

Warp:0.5 mm
Weft :0.5mm
Strenth:750/1800 N/cm
Air Permeability: 10000/6500 m3/m2h
Material:100% Polyester.
Type: Mesh Fabric.
Style: Plain.
Technics: Woven.
Width: 43/44", 0.6m-3.65m polyester mesh.
Mesh opening: 25-1068um polyester mesh fabric.
Feature:Anti-Static, Flame Retardant, Shrink-Resistant
Yarn Count: Monofilament, 18-420mesh/inch polyester mesh fabric.
Density: 5-50/cm
Weight: 0.5-3.0kg/sqm, 20-350g/m2 polyester mesh fabric.
Seam Types: spiral rings,steel-clip,pin joint.

Types We Offfer:

Double layer polyester plain woven paper making dryer mesh screen
100% polyester plain woven marine grade mesh vinyl fabric
vinyl coated woven polyester mesh fabric
High density polyester mesh fabric plain woven for bags

tecido de malha de poliester

Also: Polyester Mesh Fabric with Resin Treated ( tecido poliester resinado)

Polyester mesh fabric for making mosquito nets, shoes, children clothes and used as packing material ( tecido de malha de poliester).
Used as umbrella fabric material tecido poliester resinado, tecido de malha de poliester /tela de malla de poliester, mosquitero
polyester fabric mesh, tissu à mailles spacer 3d , tela de malla polyester, base net paper lamination, net mesh poliester lamination.

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