China Factory and Exporter of Polyester Screen, Filter Mesh, Netting and Clothing

Hebei Polyester Mesh Co., Ltd. established in 1996. In our 18 years experience in the synthetic filter mesh industry, we have received an excellent reputation from our customers throughout the world. We ensure every customer full satisfactory with our product's quality and services.

We supply flour sieve mesh and filter mesh including PDM and MF series with material of PA and PET, also have XX and XXX series with two kinds of materials, polyester and nylon material filter mesh.

For polyester filter mesh of plain weave monofilament wire, we supply from 18mesh to 420mesh; for nylon filter mesh, we supply mesh from 13mesh to 360mesh.
Our flour bolting mesh and filter cloth are manufactured meeting ISO1 9001: 2008 international standard.
Our Printing Screen Fabrics are stretchable tensile fabric that can match international standard printing machines.
Our spiral single or multi layer filter mesh can be used for all international standard paper machine and other dewatering facilities in various industries.

More detailed specification of our filter mesh clothing, please check related specific files, or email us for consulation.

Why us?

*Focusing on monofilament mesh since 1996
*Professional factory offering filter clothing and mesh belts
*Competitive price and after sales service
*Above 90% of our customers are constant importers and buyers
*Established China manufacturer and exporter
*A wide range of mesh counts, filtration rates and fabric options
* Technical innovation for improved quality and types for specific uses
* Paper Machine Clothing and Printing Screen for Worldwide standard machine and devices

We are a specialized company of following products:

Polyester Forming Fabrics
Polyester Mesh for Pulping Dewatering
Polyester Dryer Fabric 
Polyester Mesh Conveyor Belt 
Polyester Dewatering Belt 
Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabric
Polyester Mesh Printing Screen
Bolting Cloth of Polyester Wire Mesh and Stainless Steel Mesh
Flour Mesh

For following uses:

Producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare;
Filtration and separation in environmental protection;
Juice manufacture;
Ink printing and other fields.

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